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Ultra-natural FUE hair transplant results

At Mayfair Hair Clinic, we strive to redefine the standards of hair transplant surgery and combine this with world class hospitality. Our bespoke ultra-natural hair transplants are designed to meet your individual needs with precision high density and hyper-natural angulation, creating the most natural hair restorations possible.

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Ultra-premium surgical suites & latest technology

  • Pre Surgical Multi-Disciplinary Strategy Meeting
  • Luxury High Spec Theatre with Private Consultation Areas
  • Industry Leading Surgical Team

Discrete with world class hospitality

State of art hair transplant surgical suites

Gourmet cuisine options w/ Michelin Private chef*

Private relaxation area with high end audio and beverage menu

About Mayfair Hair Clinic

Located in the heart of London’s medical district of Harley Street, with a private entrance off Cavendish Square, Mayfair Clinic has over 30 years of experience and is home to some of the most advanced medical facilities in the world.

Coupled with first class hospitality and complete discretion, you will enjoy your very own private lounge for rest and rejuvenation. Relax, catch up on work emails or indulge in the calming scent of lavender aromatherapy while listening to high-fidelity audio playing the sounds of the waves. 

Take advantage of a range of international cuisine and beverages, from Japanese to Italian. For the ultimate dining experience, we have partnered with Les 110 de Taillevent, formed from the world famous 2 Michelin star restaurant in Paris, who will prepare inspirational dishes that have made them renowned as one of the leaders in French gastronomic cuisine. 

Our highly experienced surgeons will be with you every step of the way, and provide you with regular updates and options of doctor led aftercare.

As part of our bespoke upgrade packages labelled  (*) our surgeons are also available for home visitations, domestic and international, to ensure you receive the utmost level of attention and post-operative care from the comfort of your own home. A range of additional services are available to elevate your experience combined with surgery producing results of the highest standards.

Precision High Density & Hyper Natural Angulation

At Mayfair Hair Clinic, we have elevated hair transplants with our signature advanced technique for ‘Ultra Natural Angulation.’


Our skill and technique allows for hyper-realistic direction and angulation of transplanted hairs, enabling us to reconstruct hair to its original form, including individual hair patterns such as unidirectional deviation and cow lick reconstructions. These techniques require a lot more time and skill to execute, and are what elevates us from any other hair restoration treatment.


We have refined FUE transplantations to produce industry leading success levels and results of the highest regard.

Bespoke Strategy

  • Consultation With UK Leading Hair Transplant Surgeons
  • Pre Surgical Multi-Disciplinary Meeting and Strategy Debrief
  • Pre Procedure Surgical Health Screen *
  • Full Laser Schedule*
  • Direct Surgeon Aftercare*

Unparalleled Hospitality

  • Home Consultation Service – Domestic & International*
  • Private Lounge Relaxation Area with Aromatherapy and High End Visual Audio Entertainment

  • Gourmet Cuisine Options & Private Michelin Chef*

  • Rooms & Suites at our Partner Hotel – The Langham Hotel – with preferential rates and post-surgical reviews from the comfort of your room*

  • Private Host & Aftercare Specialist

Transplant Aftercare

Once your Mayfair Hair Clinic surgical day has concluded, our commitment to you continues on. Not only our surgery and hospitality are industry leading, this continues on into our aftercare which plays a vital role in the success of the transplant. We offer our clientele:

  • Private Host & Aftercare Specialist
  • Direct Surgeon Aftercare*
  • Home Consultations – Domestic & International*

  • Post Surgical Result Reviews

  • Access To Our Laser Schedules*

Why Choose Mayfair Hair Clinic

We strive to redefine the standards of hair transplant surgery through innovation, attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

  • Private Pre Surgical Multi-Disciplinary Strategy Meeting
  • Pre Surgical Health Screen*
  • Direct Surgeon Aftercare*
  • Home Consultation Service *
  • Private Lounge Relaxation Area with Aromatherapy
  • Gourmet Cuisine Options & Private Michelin Chef*
  • Private Host & Aftercare Specialist
  • Ultra-Premium Surgical Suite & Consultation Areas
  • Use of Latest Hair Transplant Technologies
  • Bespoke Audio Visual Entertainment Facilities
  • Preferential Rates for Rooms & Suites with Our Partner Hotel – The Langham
*Bespoke options 

What our clients say

Outstanding service, Mayfair Hair Clinic exceeded my expectations in all areas

– Amelia

Discreet, confidential, excellent. Mayfair Hair Clinic has excelled throughout!

– Dominic


FUE Hair Transplant involves utilising healthy dense regions of hair, usually on the back and sides of the scalp, and individually taking a selection of these hair follicular units and relocating them to the areas required which are balding or thinning. We transplant the follicular units which include the part from which hairs are grown from.

FUE Hair Transplant has a number of advantages over FUT method. FUT Hair Transplants were previously the only method available, involving surgically removing a segment of tissue and hair from the back of the scalp and extracting the follicular units from this. The follicular units in both FUE and FUT are then transplanted back into the areas of concern in the same process.


Taking hair follicles individually via FUE technology has benefits of:


– Minimal visibility to the area extracted

– Quicker and less painful healing

– Reduced infection risk

We individually assess each candidate for suitability and offer our recommendations based on years of experience working at the highest level in the industry. Considerations include assessing the area of loss and expectations of result, the health and density of donor site we will be taking hair units from and medical background.


We also have a range of non surgical options available to us, including medications, which can be highly effective alone or in combination with our transplants.

FUE Hair Transplant as a technique has very high success rates, and we elevate this to its pinnacle. We have greater than 97% success rate from our procedures. We use the highest levels of standards and the latest technologies to give our clients the absolute best possible chance of success.

Fortunately FUE Transplant is minimally invasive and so associated risks are very low. We have refined the process so our success rate is over 97%, but as with any medical procedure there will be an extremely low risk of failure to grow. This if it occurred is usually localised to a small area rather than the entire grafts, however we offer unparalleled aftercare in the industry and any further remedial requirements are covered.

At Mayfair Hair Clinic we want your transplant experience to be first class. The surgery will be performed in the 3 stages with time to rest and enjoy the added services we offer. Our cases are performed within 1 day but our aftercare and support will continue indefinitely. With FUE Hair Transplant we expect initial recovery within the first 5 days, with results then requiring patience. It is not uncommon to see final results even after 12-16 months, but more commonly within 6-12 months.

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Contact us to arrange an online or in-person consultation with a leading UK hair transplant surgeon and for your ultimate hair transplant experience.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

For suitable clientele, we are able to provide bespoke hair transplants using the most highly refined Follicular Unit Extraction techniques. With individually tailored strategies to suit requirements we are able to offer comprehensive hair solutions.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

The best hairline transplant results start with an understanding of hairline design. With an eye for detail and design, facial anatomical landmarks and measurements, we work with clientele to formulate a satisfactory design and strategy,

Density Strategy – Replicating existing density or for suitable candidates ultra high-density transplants.

Natural Irregularities – Natural hairlines are never perfect. Calculated incorporation if imperfections & irregularities to produce hyper natural results.

Strategic placement of grafts – Grafts are organised and placement strategised for the most natural results.

Ultra Natural Angulation

Hyper real direction and angulation of transplanted hairs. At Mayfair Hair Clinic we have advanced Hair Transplants to Hair Restorations. We are able to reconstruct hair to its original form, down to each individual hair, from unidirectional deviation to cow lick reconstructions.

Of course in some circumstances it may be requested to remove these natural features to be replaced with a new linear direction, and this under certain conditions is also achievable.

Global or Focused Loss of Density

Each and every case of hair loss will differ, but in many loss of density will be a concern.

Loss can be progressive and can range from global, from hairline to crown, or more focused areas of loss.

We offer bespoke solutions to each individual cause of loss, adding integrity and density to areas of concern.

Working carefully with existing hairs we are able to rebuild hair naturally. We add transplanted hair in between native hairs to conserve graft use and prevent damaging existing follicles.

Crown Restorations

Many cases of loss can involve loss of hair over the crown region.

Crown hair swirls around a central point, or even multiple points in double crowns. With precision and skill we rebuild these, following the original design to produced highly natural results.

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Fee Structure

Fee Structure

Consultations Fees
Pre Consultation Photo Review
No Charge

Clients are initially recommended to upload photos on our portal for one of our specialists to review. We give an indication of suitability prior to progression to formal consultation.

Consultation at Cavendish Square
No Charge

Our full consultation with our leading surgeon. Including specialist advice, bespoke strategy and design, digital rendering of result possibilities if applicable. If progressing to surgery this cost is returned.

Online Video Consultation
No Charge

For client convenience we offer video consultations with our surgeon who will discuss options and assess your concerns. Cost returned if progress to surgery.

Home Consultation Service
Within London - £1,500 + travel cost
Within UK - £3,000 + travel cost

We offer private consultations from the comfort of your own setting or at your workplace to suit your schedule. Price on application.

Surgery Fees
  • MHC surgery fees are based on estimated graft requirements.
  • Prices include surgery and aftercare.
  • Bespoke options are cost additions.

Up to 1000 grafts  – From £12,000

Above 1000 gratfs – From £14,000

Above 1500  grafts – From £16,000

Above 2000 grafts – From £18,000

2500 grafts plus – From £20,000

Surgery fees include:

  • Complimentary executive car pick up and drop off*
  • Consultation and check in within MHC private suite with private Cavendish Square entrance
  • Our leading surgical team
  • Pre surgery multidisciplinary meeting (MDT) with team members
  • Surgery in our hyper premium MHC theatre
  • Premium lunch, beverage and Les 110 de Taillevent lunch options
  • Laser therapy treatment plan

    *50-mile  radius

Bespoke Options (*)

We have a range of optional additional services to enhance your experience.

  • Preliminary Health Screen Including
    Bloods &  Surgeon Review – £800
  • Langham Hotel Acommodation – Corporate Rates
  • Langham Hotel Post Surgical Review – £1,000
Aftercare options (*)

We have a range of optional aftercare services to enhance your experience.

  • Surgeon Led Aftercare £4000
  • Post Surgical Reviews – £ Same As Per Home Consultations

We can now offer our industry leading surgery in a selection of international destinations.

This service includes:

  • International arrival of our leading surgeon and his team
  • Premium theatre and MHC concierge service
  • Pre surgical multidisciplinary meeting and post-surgical reviews at private residence or location of choice
  • Blood and health screening and optimisation
  • Michelin star menu and beverage menus
  • Direct surgeon led aftercare and options for international surgeon reviews

Price on enquiry, starting from £100,000

*International surgery options depends on country of request and adherence to local government health policies.